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rbeckei 07-03-2013 12:35 PM

Confused with boards!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am using Inland surfer Blue. Looking at Phase five trident carbon fiber. Is this a good change?
What are the pros and cons from a skim style board to a wakesurfing board?
My head feels like a ping pong ball with all the info I have gotten. So confused :banghead:

Chaos 07-03-2013 1:04 PM

I assume a Blue Lake, and looking at a Trident? The blue lake is a 'surf-style' board and the trident is a skim board mimicking a 'surf-style' board. Some might say hybrid, but it is more skim than surf. Some people find skim-style boards easier to ride, some don't. Depends on your wake/boat, your ability, etc., to an extent, but in general skim style boards are 'better' for surface style maneuvers, spins etc., They can be aired out and carve, but you need a finer touch. Overall surf-style board are more stable, allow a more agressive approach to a wake as far as driving the board.

CarZin 07-03-2013 1:10 PM

Rob. A Blue Lake, which I assume you have (you just stated Blue) is a big, relatively slow surf style board for bigger riders. I would consider it a beginner board.

Going from a Blue Lake to just about any other board is going to be very different. The style of riding going from a surf style to skim style is going to be especially significant. HOWEVER, I have demo'd the Tident for a full day and it has charaterstics that make it what I would consider a hybrid board. I believe it is designated as a skim, but it doesn't ride like any skim I have ridden (my wife has two, and I've demo'd a lot). It has unusually good grip riding up the wave. A lot of skim boards will want to slide out from underneath you. The board doesn't taper away quickly towards your back foot. If you look at a lot of true skims, the board looks exactly the same front to back. The Trident does not.

Personally, I think the Trident carbon is in the top 3 boards I have ever ridden. I SERIOUSLY considered getting it instead of the Kenan Surf Pro. It is THAT good.

So, given that you are coming from a surf style board, going to the trident will give you a lot of the feel of a surf, without limiting your ability to do skim style tricks. If you do not have the chance to demo the board, and are within its weight limitations, this will eventually be a very very good board for you, but you should expect a good learning curve before you love it.

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