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AxisA22 07-02-2013 8:07 PM

Help please for my 360!!!!
Hello, it my second year of wakesurfing. I ride behind a Axis A22 and I need help doing (completing) my 360. Last year I rode a Broadcast but I just change for a daniello pro carbon.

My wife was filming and watching my baby so sorry for the very poor quality. Usualy the wafe look cleaner too.

Thanks you for your help!!!!!
I want to complete my 360.


SS_Hooke102 07-02-2013 10:47 PM

I don't surf much at all and have only done 1 or 2 360's as I am primarily a wakeboarder... From what it looks like to me though you are breaking the spin in to two steps. The first step that you make is the 180 and then you turn your head again to complete the other 180. Try to look over your shoulder the whole time to keep it as 1 fluid motion instead of two, it will speed up the rotation significantly which should help you ride it away.

markj 07-03-2013 1:34 AM

I am SO not a pro but I can say this: you consistently start your rotation without any forward momentum. You just randomly start rotating. That, combined with a small wake makes it really difficult to complete anything. Especially a 360. Your wake doesnt give you much ability to recover from any manuver. Build momentum towards the boat and THEN start your rotation.

tmill 07-03-2013 7:33 AM

The second attempt looks to be the best. You were able to stay on the face of the wave really well but just let yourself get out of position a little bit and it caused you to fall out the back. Try getting a little lower when you spin it will help to keep your balance. To get lower you must bend at the knees and not just bend over at the hips. Good luck on learning the 360 people struggle with that trick for years before they get it.

Like Mark said though, the most important thing to work on is getting the wave dialed in. It looks like you don't have enough room to build much speed coming forward and if you make even the smallest mistake you will fall out the back of the wave.

Chaos 07-03-2013 7:35 AM

^^^^ the above comments are all good. I would add you need to lower your body, crouch more, much more. You are just leaning back on your rear foot and just trying the throw a rotation and you in up all off balance and pushed out of the wake because you are digging the board to much.

tuneman 07-03-2013 12:26 PM

That's an itty-bitty wake. Kudos to you for attempting 3s on it. Do what Nick said: crouch down. You need to get low, drive the board forward a few feet, then stick out your hand, give a little pull, throw your head and assist with your feet.

You have a board under your feet that's all nice and calm and happy, just surfing along. Then you suddenly lurch downward to grab the wake and your board freaks out and puts on the brakes. Don't disturb your board. Crouch down slowly, then casually grab the wake and spin. Keep your board happy:)

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