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tings00 07-02-2013 6:30 PM

Stand Up Paddle Board advice
I am looking into getting a SUP to use on some of the local lakes around here. It seems like there are a ton of options and a wide price range.

Costco has a couple that seem like really good deals and I love their customer service. Any advice or things to look for.

$799 - http://www.costco.com/SUP-USA-Patrio....11757606.html

my local costco has this one in stock for $699 - http://www.jimmystyks.com/beaver.html

tings00 07-02-2013 8:20 PM

I have also looked at a local shop that carries bic boards, http://www.bicsup.com/
They are more of a hard plastic then fiberglass. Any thoughts on these?

magic 07-02-2013 8:38 PM

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I was just out on ours this afternoon. We have a big, like 11' Hypr board. Got a big one so I could put our daughter on it, or the dog, or daughter + fishing stuff.... Have tried a racing board and you can feel how much faster it is, but I'd not be able to load it up.

A local to us multi-sport store carries Hypr and they do a ton of demo events and bring out many of the different boards for people to try out. I'd suggest trying out some before buying. The different styles ride and cruise all different. SUP'ing is a good core workout and kinda quite on the lake fun.

Here's a pic of our daughter on it, kinda gives you a feel for how big a "family board" is.

I've thinking of watching Craigslist this fall and winter for used boards. See if I can pick up a smaller one for the wife. Right now we take turns or she open water swims and I SUP with the little one on board near her.

mccormickscablepark 07-03-2013 6:25 AM

If you have any local shops, check them out first, watch craigslist. many people look to offload their sups to get bigger faster boards even after a few months use. Depends how much you'll use the sup but it can be addicting and FYI your paddle is more important than the sup itself. Spend the cash on a decent paddle...3-5oz difference is alot after paddling 10k strokes.

da_moose 07-03-2013 7:10 AM

If your on a lake or river ,Go Wide
If surfing ,Go Glass

bftskir 07-07-2013 2:21 PM

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First I would look for a qualified coach like this one that is obviously well qualified you don't want to risk injury afterall

da_moose 07-08-2013 12:15 AM

That Board has TOOOO Much Nose Rocker ,,,Your Pushing Water

polarbill 07-08-2013 3:52 PM

Maybe the board is just a little too excited? You can't really blame it either.

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