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JayManAR 07-02-2013 5:29 PM

M6 hardware compatible for both Ronix and Hyperlite?
I'm looking to mount the '12 Parks to a '13 Hyperlite Murray. Since the boots are from last year they came with the standard hardware and the new Murray has M6 inserts. Will I have any issues using the M6 hardware kit from Hyperlite with the Ronix boots?

JayManAR 07-03-2013 8:54 AM

Just to clarify: I have Hyperlite M6 hardware from when I was using the Team bindings.

I was mainly concerned with using the Ronix claw/washer and Hyperlite M6 screws together since the screws don't really sit flush against the top of the claw. Everything tightened down just fine though. Don't think it will be an issue, but I went ahead and ordered the Ronix M6 kit just to be on the safe side.


austin 07-03-2013 9:28 AM

I got some M6 bolts directly from Ronix when I was mounting my '12 Ronix Ones to my '12 LF Harley, but the length wasn't right. I ended up buying some M6 bolts and washers from the hardware store.

JayManAR 07-03-2013 10:42 AM

^That's what I'm afraid of.. I have the Ronix hardware on the way, but could run into the too short/too long scenario since I'm bolting them to a Hyperlite board.

Readyaimfire 07-03-2013 1:30 PM

They are just metric screws. Not specific to any brand. Any hardware store should have what you need. Just find the right length for the board/boot combo you have. Why spend more for a package that says Hyperlite/Ronix?

JayManAR 07-03-2013 2:10 PM

Ya I don't really care about the brand, just want to use the hardware made for the boot. I basically just want the Phillips heads to tighten down flush with the Ronix claw so that's why I ordered the kit. Having a few extra pieces of hardware around is fine, I'm sure ill be needing it at some point.

da_moose 07-08-2013 12:22 AM

6mm ??? Really 6 mm ??? GO Big And Strong All Moose Hardwear is U.S. 5/!6~18

da_moose 07-08-2013 12:25 AM

Top That it all comes on a Sliding Adjustable Track (SAT),,, Even Burton uses it.

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