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baitkiller 07-02-2013 3:05 PM

Infinity 612M reviews please
Fusion deck,
Precision power PPL900.4 amp
two pair Ininity 612M.
Thats the whole boat, nothing more. Old Skool SN

The deck and amp are in and done but I need to buy speakers. At 120$ a pair the Infinties are right in my wheelhouse. Other brands close in price and spec are the R Fosgate stuff and some odd Polk stuff aside from the Boss and MTX stuff of which I have no interest.
So my question is: Will these sound OK? Do you have a suggestion for something else within the price arena that may work better? I like the way my Kickers sound in my other boat but they are suffering from exposure after only a year.
A true marine speaker is mandatory as i ride in salt. I wish I could afford the JL Audios.
Thank you

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