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KLPDEPAEPE 07-02-2013 1:52 PM

'03 Nautique 210 Docking Lights project
Never really liked the docking lights on the boat, so I decided to change them. They were the clear plastic lens kind and I felt they did not match well. Ryan at Chucktronics gave me the idea of getting the stainless bezels and powder coating them black. Sounded cool so that is what I did....




Nothing special but something a little different...

crosenhahn 07-02-2013 2:54 PM

Definitely like the upgrade, looks great!

h20king 07-02-2013 6:15 PM

looks great you should plasti coat the screws so they match

KLPDEPAEPE 07-02-2013 6:46 PM

Thought about powdering the screws but they are stainless and match the ring around the lens so I left them... Good enough :)

Camsquared211 07-02-2013 7:14 PM

Nice Job!

nitrousbird 07-02-2013 7:50 PM

The docking lights on our Malibu look about the same (or may be identical). I have considered doing the same thing; perhaps this winter as I don't really need any new projects at this point.

DealsGapCobra 07-03-2013 6:01 AM

Nice upgrade, I like the new ones much better.

KLPDEPAEPE 07-03-2013 7:21 AM

Thanks everyone. I dig 'em too!

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