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buffalow 07-02-2013 9:15 AM

Online Classes for Employees - Safety and others
We are rolling out a new program for our employees which includes a new performance review system and incentives to further educate themselves. I want to set up some online options for them to take CPR/First Aid/Defensive driving/etc... So they can take at their convenience and we keep track of the certificates and such. We would pay for the services.

Have you guys utilized these services in the past? Any recommendations?

deneng 07-04-2013 9:44 AM

Very similar idea to what alot of company's do. Are you going to reimburse them for their time, otherwise what are the incentives for the employee.?

westsiderippa 07-05-2013 12:13 AM

jason, most all fire and ems agencies are using a company called "target solutions." its a web based company that does everything you described and a ton more. my FD uses it for monthly training, tracking certs and quals, updates etc... it keeps track of all your cert expiration dates and alerts you when you need re-cert and as a medic this is how we obtain a lot of our continuing ed for our licenses. we also imput all of our training hours into the program for each person, station etc.. and the management has all this info in front of them. if there is a specific class the entire department needs like a stupid harassment class, you know like a state mandated class, instead of spending a ton of time and money to get everyone the class the assigned it to each person on target solutions with a due date, it alerts you and its up to you to get it done. but because management is conected to the front line of it they are alerted to who has done it and or who has not. the company puts tons of fire service classes on the site for additional training and self improvemnt too. im almost positive this company can build what you need regardless if your in public safety, onstruction or what ever your business might be.

buffalow 07-05-2013 7:51 AM

Thanx Brian I will check that one out. Also was recommend http://www.clicksafety.com/ by our insurance people.

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