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generalkyle 07-01-2013 3:14 PM

Need a camera for the tower
The time has come to get a video camera to mount on the tower. been interested in gopros for years now but never took the chance with no zoom on them. they would probably be good if i wanted to mount it on the board but im thinking tower. we ride at 65' so probably need zoom but don't know. recommendations please.

also i found a camera mount for the tower for $24.95: http://caddiebuddy.com/wakeboard-tower-roll-bar-1/

Jibbo 07-06-2013 8:47 PM

Wakeye camera mount for your GoPro
Here's a great camera mount for your GoPro to attach to your tower
It's called Wakeye WTG http://www.wakeye.com/collections/wa...cts/wakeye-wtg
It has some great features and so easy to install and remove

generalkyle 07-08-2013 5:50 PM

im not spending 285 for a mount. i need a camera to video from the boat.

ferral 07-08-2013 6:17 PM

I wouldn't waste time or money mounting a gopro to the tower. They are cool little camera but the wide angle makes it look like its a mile from the action when you shoot from the boat. They work much better close up. I'd get something different for the tower for sure.

surfdoggy 07-09-2013 7:44 AM

Kyle: The earlier GoPro models only shot in very wide angle views (170 degrees). With those models, you could mount them in a fixed position on a tower, and shoot a wakeboarder going from side to side without moving the camera. Problem is, the wakeboarder would look very small and distant in the frame, so the videos were not very good.

The newer GoPros have some settings that shoot in a narrower field of view. This makes the wakeboarder look bigger, but it also means that if you mount the camera in a fixed position, the wakeboarder is likely going to go out of the frame on one or both sides if you mount the camera in a fixed position on the tower. Still no zoom. Keep in mind that if you get anything with zoom, the more you zoom in, the more you will need to have the camera track the rider, rather than staying fixed.

The GoPro is a great camera when it is being carried as PART of the action. Shooting action from far away is not its specialty.

The other option is to get a more expensive tracking mount, and a less expensive camera. Decent waterproof pocket camcorders can be had for around $100, and most of the mounts (WakeJak, Wakeye, and Trakker are around $250).

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