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nathanb 06-30-2013 1:45 PM

Newbie Intro
Hi guys how ya goin?

A little about myself. I have never been into wakeboarding before. Dirt bikes were my passion and I have been racing them since I was 12 years old(now 29). Gradually the riding areas around my place started shutting down as housing developments crept closer and new residents started complaining about tracks that had been there for 40 years. I started driving minimum 2 hours and paying a $40 gate fee to go for a ride which I somehow put up with. That was until I had a small crash resulting in a broken hand.
I was driving to work, my forearm still in a cast and a lightbulb went off. I thought, I live within 15 minutes of 4 boat ramps that are free to use or I can drive a 4 hour round trip and pay $40 to race for about an hour, bugger this I am getting a boat.
So a few weeks later I had a ski boat sitting in my driveway and now the bikes are for sale and I am hooked. My hand is still broken but I have been wakeboarding a couple times anyway, its awesome.

Anyway, the boat came with a Liquid Force Omega. It seems to be a great board and all my mates that have ridden it say that it is better than any other board they have ridden. They have not ridden many but a few. The thing is its very tired and I was looking for something to replace it. I really like the way it rides so wouldn't mind something similar.

I was looking at the LF Trip, thinking that would be similar but also the LF Witness and CWB Kink and Absolute, maybe even the CWB Faction.
As its end of season the guys in the shops are just clearing what they have left on the floor and I just don't feel they are telling me the 100% truth.
Compared to the moto industry there are not a lot of reviews of different wakeboarding products, or at least I cant seem to find them so any feedback would be great

wakerider111 07-01-2013 12:41 AM

welcome to the world of wakeboarding and wakeworld respectively.

All over the world you can find some really cool peeps to ride with. never been to austrailia, but i have rode with a few people from abouts there visiting the states. Sounds like you have a few friends you are riding with already and that is fantastic.

You might want to think about your interest in hitting rails or even going to a cable park, there is one about 1 hour from you that i googled http://www.cableski.com.au/
but then again if you got boat ramp only 15 min away then cable riding might not have the same appeal.
Anyway. it is nice to have a board that has a durable base and durable sidewalls for hitting rails and cable parks if you ever decide to.

All of the boards you mentioned are good boards. the LF Trip and CWB faction are the only boards you named that have a continuous rocker. These boards should ride a bit faster and the pop will be less aggressive (not to say it wont pop you as high). The other boards as well as your Omega have a three stage rocker of some kind that gives the board a bit of a buck at the wake. If you want more speed and a bit less abrupt style of pop then make the switch to continuous rocker, otherwise stay with the 3 stage boards and hybrid rockers. If there is a LF watson wakeboard (three stage style) at your store you might want to include it in your list. the watson and witness are two very popular boards in the LF line.
Does your store sell anything other than CWB and LF if you want more suggestions?

Don't underestimate a good pair of boots and a good wakeboard rope with handle. boots connect you to your deck and the rope is your life-line to your riding experience
try on a few pairs of boots in the store. lean and bend in them to feel them out. hop up and down to feel the footbeds

anything that says it is made of spectra and or dyneema! these ropes will not stretch and will give you user friendly line tension and POWER :)!
find a handle that feels nice. maybe put a bit of pull on the handle (with help of a friend or looping the rope on something) to make sure it feels good with tension

have fun!

nathanb 07-01-2013 4:27 AM

Thanks for the reply mate. Yeah i got a few mates and my wife to ride with and my brother and his wife have pole ski's so they hit the wake on those while we are wakeboarding. My brother went to cableskiworld. He liked it but i am pretty keen to get some hours behind my boat. I am sure i will hit it up when i get some more experience though.

The shop can get basically any board in but they are the ones that i could find a bit of info on. I like the way the Omega rides and want to stick with something similar. Its really easy to ride and stable but I have also seen Ben Greenwood ripping on it so I know something like that will last me a long time.

As for the rope i got that sorted. My wife got a bit excited and went to the shop and just bought what the guy said she needed. I just wanted some input before getting a new board

wakerider111 07-01-2013 6:29 PM

the witness is also what Benny G used to ride. similar to the Omega. might be your choice

nathanb 07-02-2013 4:20 AM

I have been looking around and found out that the company that imports Liquid Force into Australia, masterline australia, makes their own boards using old LF moulds. One of the moulds they use is the Omega mould and its $500 for board and bindings where as the witness is $550 just for the board. Think I have found my new board.
Thanks for the help

Kevinbieber 07-02-2013 11:59 AM

Before you go spend 500 dollars on the fake liquid force they have you, can get a brand new lf omega on eBay for 180 dollars.. Just a thought
Also if you're willing to spend 500 dollars you might as well get a brand new 2013 board or even a 2012 I would recommend the ronix time bomb 2012 or if your only riding behind boat you can get the modello version of the ronix on

nathanb 07-03-2013 4:53 AM

I have talked to a few salesman and the mastermind board is made in the LF factory by LF and just given the masterline paintjob so you aren't paying for the name, just the board
As for eBay, I looked into it but by the time I add shipping and the Aussie dollar being lower than the US dollar it works out about the same. The ronix boards you mentioned are also around $600 just for the blank where as the ml board is$500 for board and bindings that retail for $250 usually

TNWake 07-04-2013 11:15 AM

dang sorry thats ridiculous to have to pay that much good luck hope you like the board!

nathanb 07-04-2013 1:04 PM

yeah things are a lot more expensive over here. From all accounts the masterline board IS the omega with a different paintjob. I like the omega I have now so I think I should be good with this new one

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