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smitty75 06-28-2013 9:27 PM

2005 205V Question
About the pull the trigger on a 2005 205v and had a question about ballast. When I checked out the boat, it has the 3 button ballast control up near the dash, however it did not have the actual bags/tanks in the rear lockers or floor locker. I asked the owner about it, and he said it was an option that they did not get at the time. However, since it has the control panel, does that mean it is all wired or plumbed for a system and I just need to get some bags? I don't mind paying for a wakemakers system, however am very paranoid about drilling holes in the boat. I guess I'm trying to figure out if that portion of the plumbing is already done, or if they just throw the panel on there for looks.

Also, how does 25k sound for a 2005 with about 180 hrs? Tower, stereo system, covers, excellent shape.

boardman74 06-28-2013 9:39 PM

In that year range I don't think there was any plug and play systems, meaning I doubt you have anything there. I guess I have never heard of a boat having switches and nothing else. Either way a quick look around under the floor and in the engine compartment will answer your question. My guess if the prior owner is right is you have switches and nothing else. Was the prior owner the original owner? Maybe the dealer ordered the boat that way. Or maybe he wasn't the original owner and someone ripped it out prior. Some of the older ballast systems didn't work well and people ripped them out.

paulharenberg 07-03-2013 9:17 PM

I would jump all over that boat at that price, but thats me, and I have always been a fan of that hull. Assuming the tower is oem from 2005 I think they are very sharp looking boats.

Having switches but no bags is not unheard of. the dash is essentially the same for all boats i.e. x2, 205v or that era share the same dash more or less. Since it could have been an option for internal ballast, its very well a possibility that the switches are there, the breakers are there, and you would have to do pumps, bags, hoses, and fittings (yes, drilling holes), but electrically you are good to go. Not apples to apples, but my pretty bare Malibu Iride has about 5 switches labeled Acc, for if and when I ever decide to wire up a plumbed ballast bag or a heater or shower.

polarbill 07-03-2013 9:26 PM

Like Paul said I bet they just had one panel and all X2's in 05 got the switches. I thought the X2 in that era came standard with triple ballast. I wonder if they downgraded from the standard and deleted the actual pumps/bags/tanks? That might be the reason there is a panel/switches but no pumps/bags.

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