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rjevnick 06-28-2013 8:59 AM

Need Board Help
I'm 5'9'' and 150 lbs and I currently ride a phase 5 prop 54". I'd consider myself an intermediate rider and I'm looking for a board that will give me bigger airs so I can begin to land some more difficult arial tricks. I also have a 58" liquid force custom that mainly others ride, would this be a better board for airs etc? I've looked at possibly an inland surfer black pearl or maybe step up to the phase 5 danielo pro or danielo diamond. Im looking for a board that will give me more speed and bigger airs without sacrificing the ability to spin on the surface of the wave. Thanks any replies are greatly appreciated.

rjevnick 06-28-2013 9:01 AM

Im riding behind a Malibu MXZ 24 on a medium to large sized wake and it turns out the liquid force custom mention above is 60'' not 58''.

Chaos 06-28-2013 10:36 AM

If staying with skim style, you can go shorter/smaller, which will be, all things considered equal, lighter and more nimble. Consider a P5-DP or Inland KF, in a shorter size than you are currently riding. You might also consider practicing airs with a properly equiped surf style board. Most of the best riders, ride both surf and skim style to help them work through tricks. I am not a big fan of hybrids, that is they really aren't hybrids, but basically skim board with slightly increased rockers and bigger fins.

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