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Camsquared211 06-27-2013 7:42 PM

Wetsounds HT AS-10
Has anyone tried out this subwoofer? It is an active subwoofer. I was thinking about putting it in my boat. I will be running two rev 10's powered by a syn4 on the tower and six xs-650 speakers in the boat powered by an HT6.
Are there better subwoofer and amp setups for the same price that sound better/more powerful? Or are there any subwoofer and amp setups that would produce the same sound but cost less?

DQ 06-28-2013 10:58 AM

I think its an awesome deal. Sounds really good for such a small compact sub. My buddy has a new Centurion and this is the factory installed sub they use now and sounds amazing. Kind of hard to beat, small foot print, self contained, all you need is the power and ground and a set of RCA's wired to it. Having an external amp will cost more, take up space that you could use for something else. Even though these boats come with alot of storage, you can never have enough in my opinion. The choices you have picked amp wise and speaker wise are perfect matches. Those 650's are going to come alive with the 110 watts to each one, and the amp running at stereo 4 ohms will not get hot because it is not having to really work that hard to get to it. The REV10's with the Syn4 bridged at 4ohms will really impress you as well as others around you. I really couldn't come up with a better mixture. Great choices and post up some pics when you get it done.

david_e_m 06-28-2013 11:39 AM

I normally select products (especially an enclosure, sub driver and the related amplifier) based on the boat first plus system application before all else.
If you have an application where the Wetsounds HT AS-10 fits the boat and is balanced with the rest of your system, there is really no way to divide the product up into three independent components and get the same value and performance. For an upgrade that would consume more space, look at the Wetsounds XS-12 sub, HT-1 amplifier and a true waterproof enclosure.

Earmark Marine

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