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skongolf 06-27-2013 10:21 AM

First Board, Now a rope.....?
Well I bought my first wakesurfer off CL for $100. A 5'6" LF fish in great shape with absolutely no scratches or dings, just some black rub marks from the tower inserts. For my height and ability, this will make a great first board. Now I just need suggestions on a rope to get. Since I am a beginner I did do some research and it seems a knotted rope is the way to go. Just curious if this still holds true. Also what length is best to surf at? We have an 01 X30 and definately want to attach to the tower, so I am thinking the rope needs to be over 20 feet min. Thoughts? Also, any good websites to get tips for a beginner? I watched the CWB video on youtube and it made it look almost too easy.
Looking forward to getting to the lake soon!!

priszkid 06-27-2013 12:36 PM

congrats and welcome! i use -http://http://store.ridecwb.com/p/lg.../proline?pp=25 and love it. i've had no issues with the handle getting in the way.

BenHolloway 06-27-2013 2:35 PM

Accurate rope this is what we use, no issues.

wolfe_drew 06-27-2013 4:02 PM

I suggest this rope, or one similar, with the mini handle. We find that most beginners will use two hands and that seems to help them square up to the boat and better set the board. This is more predominate with younger riders.

We've found that the T handle throws off balance and are better at knocking into the boat/people when thrown in the boat and the knotted ropes end up being too heavy and tire out the hands from newbies squeezing down so hard on it.


durty_curt 06-27-2013 4:22 PM

LiquidForce Has A Good WakeSurf Handle as Well. Has Extra Long Links So If You Need To Shorten Up From Where Your Pulling Your rider

trayson 06-27-2013 11:18 PM

First off, you totally suck for finding a fish used for that price. I had to give up and buy a new 5'9 fish and I was able to get it down to $280 new... However, I got a sweet deal on a broadcast 4'9 for $75 with a rope, but it was too short and not boyant enough for my newbie self.

I didn't like the accurate rope that came with my used board.

So I bought this body glove one. I really like the thickness and the knots.

This was the best price IIRC, it's who I ordered from.



tonyv420 07-03-2013 11:47 AM

Triple XXX Rasta Rope! works awesome!

durty_curt 07-03-2013 1:19 PM

If You Haven't Purchased A rope And Growing Impatient go Down To Action WaterSports And See What They Have.


Ski_Antique 07-10-2013 3:14 PM

I have the ronix surf line pictured in blue there. It's great. Has a bungee section that helps with recoil, though if anyone is over 220lbs, I run without it.

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