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Kevinbieber 06-24-2013 9:21 PM

What is this?
Been trying a different flip lately but I don't really know what it is? Here's a video I think the best way to land it is to go revert kind of looks like a backroll but its different


Kevinbieber 06-24-2013 9:22 PM

And in advance sorry about the video filmed sideways

WakeJp12 06-24-2013 9:28 PM

It's just a laid out, one handed backroll... I don't think there's a different name for it. Looks pretty sick tho!

Kevinbieber 06-24-2013 9:37 PM

Haha I guess so it just seems different

lukeywake 06-25-2013 1:01 AM

Yeah, HS Backroll, but your letting go with your front hand as if your going to go revert. To revert just give the handle a tug into your switch hip just after the mid point of the roll. You'll stop the revert easy!

tnshredder 06-25-2013 9:02 PM

Idk if you play it in slo mo it is not a backroll he turns and does a back flip I have no clue what the name of this is...it could be a backroll but from my view in slo mo u r turning and doing like a tantrum with a backroll in it.

captain_vilfo 06-25-2013 10:17 PM

itd be a r2r if you landed it without shifting back so definitely a backroll lol

kinda reminds me of an "elephant" but backroll version

JamesHawk101 06-27-2013 10:44 PM

Thats a pretty sweet looking trick. But WHY! why the YOLO?

Kevinbieber 06-27-2013 10:48 PM

Hahahahahah I agree wasn't me

andy_nintzel 06-28-2013 9:33 AM

Its a backroll that gets a bit mexi-roll and a bit roll-ephant.

If you lt go with your back hand not your front hand and you will land on your feet and not shifty the flip. It will keep your shoulders square.

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