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phillywakeboarder 06-24-2013 12:36 PM

What size wrench for packing nut?
Does anyone know what size wrench will fit on the packing nut of my 1999 x star? It has a 1 inch drive shaft. I can just barely get a pipe wrench on it, but the location of my ballast valves in the bilge makes it really, really difficult to turn. (Note to anybody getting ready to install a ballast system in an older boat - take the packing nut into consideration!) I'm thinking that a proper size wrench will be narrower, which is what I need.

rallyart 06-24-2013 6:14 PM

West Marine and others have adjustable packing nut wrenches. You need two to make the job easier. You can also find some short handle adjustable wrenches that go up to 2"

dhcomp1 06-24-2013 9:47 PM

Its 1 7/8" .

Don't get the adjustable packing wrench.

They suck a$$. The nice wrenches are $$$, but are worth their weight in gold. The lock nut on the packing setup is often TIGHT, you need to have the right tools.

You need 2.


You can buy a combination 1 7/8" open ended wrench on ebay, and cut it in half, but i just sprung for the packing wrenches.

They rock.

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