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AceofHarts 06-24-2013 3:20 AM

Tips for tricks?
Hey guys, I'm pretty new to this, and I only get to go boarding every once in a while, but im getting tired of just jumping. I've tried to do a heel side back roll, but i just cant get it down. Any advice on what I need to be doing, or any tips or tricks I should try that might be easier? Any help is appreciated, thanks.

VinnyA 06-24-2013 6:46 AM

Try different grabs! Perfecting your tailgrab never gets boring. A Heelside Frontside 180 was the first trick I learned. After you get in the air, at about the peak of your hangtime, let go with your front hand and point it away from the boat, let the line tension on your back hand pull you around and get ready to land switch. This trick is really easy to grab as well as when you take your front hand off, the nose of the board is right there to grab.
Always remember to have fun! I know new tricks are hard to learn sometimes and it can get you down but there's always something fun to do with your friends out on the water.

andy_nintzel 06-24-2013 12:29 PM

Learn every single 180 that is possible regular and switch. This is going to give you a great understanding of the fundamentals of wake boarding.

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