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ttrigo 06-23-2013 9:49 PM

Water housing for iphone 4s
Any suggestions? Just want something for snorkeling, and messing around at the pool. Looking to spend around $100-$125 max if possible.

I have seen a few online, but the reviews seem mixed. I want to see if any of you guys have experience with anything.
Thanks as always WW!

morgan437 06-23-2013 10:28 PM

Life proof case, they are awesome I keep my phone in mine at work too to keep all the dust and everything off they are around $80 at best buy

jhartt3 06-24-2013 6:12 AM

PM me i have a lifeproof case i'm looking to get rid of ... .Sold my phone no use for the case... Definitely can make a deal for less than 80 bucks on it

PureWakesurfing1 06-24-2013 6:16 AM

The Dry Case is $40 new. It works. A little bulky, but anyone can put their phone/camera in it. Totally waterproof.


ilikebeaverandboats 06-24-2013 8:00 AM

life prooooooof! da best

ttrigo 06-24-2013 1:41 PM

Life proof have mixed reviews on amazon. Thanks for the tips guys. Ill let you know which way i end up going. Thx boarder42. I might hit you up.

slipknot 06-24-2013 1:57 PM

Life proof with a Life Jacket

skiboarder 06-24-2013 2:52 PM

You cant work the screen underwater.

ttrigo 06-24-2013 7:50 PM


Originally Posted by skiboarder (Post 1829776)
You cant work the screen underwater.

On the life proof one? That's kinda important, since I wanna take photos, and possibly video while snorkeling.

ilikebeaverandboats 06-24-2013 8:49 PM

I don't think you are not going to be able to work any of them underwater..its not a function of the case, its a function of the screen being capacitive touch...

I have a feeling this is one reason that the "Plus" (audio increase) button on the side of iPhones now works as the "shutter" button.

Isnt perfect, but it works, if you plan to do a lot of underwater picture taking I would recommend getting one of those sweet durable nikons. For shallow water, daily exposure, and pools, lifeproof is awesome. Long term exposure or depth, they seem to be hit or miss... totally a function of how well you put it on and how often you take it off (these kinda things will wear).

My buddy lost his phone, bottom of Annas Pond in Waimea on the big island, 6+ feet deep......6 months later he got a phone call, someone found it.....

My phone, in a pool for about 30 minutes at around 4 ft, got some water in it....not enough to hurt it at all, but I had to take the case off.

mccormickscablepark 06-25-2013 10:38 AM


Originally Posted by ttrigo (Post 1829837)
On the life proof one? That's kinda important, since I wanna take photos, and possibly video while snorkeling.

You guys do know you can press the side button of your iphones and it takes the pics right?? We have lifeproofs on all our phones and we're around the water everday. The lifeproof iphone5 case is better than the 4/4s.
We've had phones fall 40'from the towers or off of boats and survive bc they were in lifeproof cases.

Camsquared211 07-01-2013 1:08 AM

I just turn my phone off before I go under water. When I get out of the pool I just let it dry and hope it works. If not I just go buy a new one.

ttrigo 09-04-2013 4:57 PM

So I had an amazon gift card, and used it on the lifeproof case and life jacket. Have used it in the pool with the kids a half dozen times or so and haven't had any issues. Was kind of sketched about it, since I can't get insurance on my phone now. But so far, so good. Looking for to end of October so I can try it snorkeling in Maui. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/09/05/u7y3amu3.jpghttp://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/09/05/atyvabe8.jpg

shawndoggy 09-04-2013 6:30 PM

applecare won't cover water damage anyhow, so you didn't miss out...

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