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countryguy1717 06-19-2013 2:54 PM

how far do you stay away
I was at folsom the other day and I'd have boats driving or turning 30-40 feet away when there is plenty of room in the fork while waiting for a boarder to get in or get out. It especially sucks because I have a ski boat with a low freeboard so I've gotta turn the boat on and throttle up so I don't take water.

Anyone else have this happen? Or are people just Di**s

MICAH_HARPER 06-19-2013 3:06 PM

i ride on a river so im use to people bieng close....but when i have people out there who have never rode where i ride they sort of freak out when people get close

slowwwflowww 06-19-2013 3:45 PM

I stay as far as possible from all boats.When I know there is a rider in the water I swing waaaaaay around.Alot of boaters don"t know how scary it can be while in the water cause they either don"t board or even get in the water.

lifetimewarranty 06-19-2013 4:31 PM

You must have been getting bugged by that prick in the sanger at Folsom. Guy was going between me and the shore while my 10 year old daughter was in the water...we were probably 60 feet from shore... I think it was a DLX or barefoot model but the guy was complete douchery.

Sad part is he is just seriously unaware of the impact of his actions. Pretty sure he wasn't trying to be a moron. Some (most) people just don't know better and really don't care what impact they have on others.

My best advice is to stay away from folsom. Stay FAR FAR away!:D;)

countryguy1717 06-19-2013 5:36 PM

This was multiple boats. Wakeboard boats and runabouts. Maybe I just had a bad luck day. Sucks because folsom is all that's real close and my poppy pass doesn't work for berryessa. Besides it gets real choppy at folsom.

Maybe I just need to buy a bigger boat :D

rallyart 06-19-2013 6:19 PM

I'd be ticked if someone turned 100 yards from me. Mind you I'm on a big lake.

countryguy1717 06-19-2013 8:22 PM

So would i be right to yell at them?! You've all got my back right :)

rallyart 06-19-2013 8:32 PM

You bet. And if they come after you tell your buddy is going to have a cooler full of snowballs to deal with them next time he's in that part of the country. ;)
(Yep, that'll keep you safe...)

SangerTom 06-19-2013 9:54 PM

I know keep one of those CO2 air horns in the cubby next to me. Someone gets to close and I blast them. Wakes them up and they move away. Remember to warn your passengers first....

whiteflashwatersports1 06-20-2013 6:44 AM

I always keep an airhorn in the extrra driver drink holder. Last night had a fishing boat towing a tube directly behind us -swerving back and forth about 100 feet back. I pulled to the side and sunk my rider twice. Blasted him with the air horn and he drove off like the annoying fly he was.

RonBurgundy 06-20-2013 10:23 AM

spent the weekend camping at buena vista with my parents for Father's Day and ran into this for the first time. up here in Fresno most people are alright (midweek) but that lake is full of complete moronic idiots.

very stressful as they would have a wide open line on the lake and choose to come 30 ft away for absolutely no reason.....i wish tickets would be handed out for this

norcalrider 06-20-2013 11:23 AM

I stay about 35 miles away from the boats at Folsom. Ride the river.

countryguy1717 06-20-2013 5:16 PM

I am weary about the river I always see boats tied up everyone drinking. I can't help but think there is a lot of accidents. Plus its narrow too.

ryanw209 06-21-2013 12:41 AM

Norcal rider- shhhhhhh!!!!!

Yea Tom it's super narrow and a ton of drunks... Folsom is much more safe and no one drinks on Folsom either.

Dmac420sj 06-21-2013 7:57 AM

^^lol. Shhhhhh

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