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turbojedi 06-19-2013 1:45 PM

I work near Killer Deer and would like to grab a wake set from time to time... I have all my own gear and will bring fuel fat sacks or what ever I just want to ride. 2 weeks with out a pull is killing me I will ride with any level of ridder just want to shred..

Brian 509-863-4018

jmeier29 07-02-2013 5:21 PM

North Dakota
Hey Brian,
I'm in the Bismarck/Washburn area and could also ride. It looks like neither one of us has a boat which sucks. If you find someone to ride with who is looking for another I would love a ring. I've always got gas and beer. I'm also looking for something to do this weekend if you find a ride. My number is 419-260-2903.


all2matt 04-23-2015 1:25 PM

We tend to ride Lake Nelson in Center during the chill months (april may june) then either the Missouri, Tschida, or Sakakawea during random weekends.
email me (matthew_welton@hotmail.com) and maybe we can hit it up, or flag me down if u see me out.
I have a Blue/Black 2010 tige Z1, do mostly surf now that the knees are abused but still wake too from time to time.

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