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rcraighughes 06-19-2013 9:14 AM

Big Air
Not behind a boat but crazy air nonetheless


rcraighughes 06-19-2013 9:15 AM

sorry thought I hit wakesurfing and now cant delete

girlsafteryou 07-01-2013 1:24 AM

Yeah that was 1,000,000 harder than any wakeboard/wakeskate/wakesurf trick ever...

cwb4me 07-01-2013 3:35 AM

Very talented young man!

DuckHuntin1 03-02-2014 9:28 PM

Yeah that was sweet! good find.

durty_curt 03-02-2014 10:17 PM

Not being strapped on to the board yet still getting that much height AND landing is amazing! Btw message David about moving the thread to the correct thread. I'm sure he can't simply do that

brichter14 03-03-2014 4:53 AM

Very cool. Lots of air with no grab is very impressive.

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