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HygOctaneGraphics 06-18-2013 9:36 AM

Pimp my boat -- Ok well maybe a better name than that
With all the shows that have came and gone, overhaulin', pimp my ride, trick my truck and the latest with Rocker Bret Michaels new show "Rock my RV" I think somebody needs to do a boat makeover show. It could be making over an old houseboat for someone, redoing a old go fast boat or taking a older ski boat and turning it into a wake/surf boat with modern stuff. It would be cool to see someone do this and hook up someone that might be deserving. Of the shows mentioned, I always thought Overhaulin' did the best. Everyone may think this is stupid, but there is a LOT of boat owners out there and just like car owners it $$$ to rebuild or personize them.

Tell me what you think

smuurph84 06-18-2013 1:31 PM

my vote is for Tim with wetsounds and all the guys who help him do the show!

every boat he does for wetsounds seems to turn out amazing!

durty_curt 06-18-2013 3:00 PM

ChuckTronics (I Think That's How You spell it) Never Cease To Amaze Me

chucktronics 06-18-2013 7:17 PM

Someone get a Camera ,Lets get this Wetsounds Party Started

wetsounds1 06-18-2013 7:21 PM

Any producers reading this. Call me. Lets do lunch. Ryan and I will make it happen.

The ideas are already flowing!

Wet Sounds

Dmac420sj 06-18-2013 7:23 PM

My boat first! I called it!pm me when your ready!

Jbuenojr 06-18-2013 7:28 PM

pimp my boat
Hey Tim
I have a 2013 Sanger v215 stock boat
I am trying to look for a good stereo system for my boat.
Also wishing I got the perfect pass for the boat took
Let me know if you are looking for a boat to pimp out

cowwboy 06-19-2013 6:15 AM

I could see this being fun. Jut don't go overboard and do gadget over function.
I saw a few of the "pimp my ride" vehicles for sale after the show.
The quality of the work looked like a bunch of high school kids did it in their driveway.

phatboypimp 06-19-2013 10:23 AM

I can see it now.....Tim White is the new boating Chip Foose. David @ Earmark, Ryan at Chucktronics and Grant West in on the builds. The question is.....who plays Xzibit?

brett33 06-19-2013 10:47 AM


Originally Posted by phatboypimp (Post 1828743)
The question is.....who plays Xzibit?

Controversial ghetto gangsta..... LON!

norcalrider 06-19-2013 10:49 AM

Let's start with my houseboat...

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