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Wakebd 06-17-2013 4:02 PM

Wake Tower From Scratch
So my boss was showing me a fishing rod holder he had cut on our laser tube cutter at work. I figure it's a good time to mention maybe making a wakeboard tower. I also told him how junky the towers are that come in a box, and the price they are charging for 6 ea. pieces of 4' pipe. Now here's the problem... He wants to make a kit, that gets spit out the :banghead::banghead:laser. He would then sell this to weld/ fabrication shops to where they would weld the coped ends, pull pin fittings, etc. I just don't see where I can make a tower out of straight tube, and not make it look like a swing set. I need ideas.... Fast and in a hurry. The structure company I work for also makes nice tents that make great boat shelters, so I have the ability to roll the pipe, he just want go for that. If you need information on the shelters shoot me a message.:banghead:

williamburell 06-18-2013 12:43 PM

think this is as close as it gets

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