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chris_b 06-17-2013 2:47 PM

Alabama riders
Looks like I am moving to the Muscle Shoals area or a little south. Looking for any info on the surrounding lakes. We are wanting to buy something around or on water. Where is the smooth water for riding? If anyone what dare share that kind of information!! Also wondering about Cedar Creek, Upper Bear, and Lower Bear. Thanks for any help guys.

jward10 06-17-2013 8:00 PM

Im in Cullman, so I can't tell you much about the water ways around the shoals. Only been out on the river a couple times. When you get moved in hit me up. Not too far of a drive down 157 to Cullman. Got some pretty cool places to ride down here and good crew of guys are usually on the boat.

06-20-2013 10:50 AM

There are several places in the Muscle Shoals area. Where exactly are you planning to move to?

tn_rider 06-20-2013 10:58 AM

I'm in jasper working on the railroad. If anyone on here is around ill give money for a set! I don't have my board but I do have board shorts with me.

dvsone79 06-20-2013 2:50 PM

The TN river is right there. I ride on the river most of the time, although I'm in Huntsville so it's a different part. My section of the river gets busy on weekends, but weekday evenings and weekend mornings are the times for good water.

chris_b 06-20-2013 3:12 PM

Thanks guys for the info so far. We were looking possibly around the Russellville area, but have not ruled out somewhere north of there either. Any info on cedar creek, or little bear reservoir?

06-21-2013 6:02 AM

I live in Florence, and spend all of my time on Wilson Lake. There is a creek off of it called Shoals Creek that is a very nice spot to ride. There are some great parts on Wheeler lake as well.

I haven't been on Cedar Creek or Little Bear Reservoir.

BamaLurker 06-27-2013 1:25 AM

The shoals is a pretty decent place for wake. Got Wilson and wheeler right there. Spring creek, the Elk (need sumone that knows the stumpy areas w ya) and 2nd creek are all good spots on wheeler. Then the winching in northwest bama is great. There's a good rail pond in rogersville too. Get w Jward above. He's not to far from where your considering and has an amazing lil lake that hes always on plus smith nearby. The scene in north bama has really started booming in the last few years. I don't know anyone that's ridden bear creek res but it looks like it would be stellar. If you ever wanna ride in guntersville or winch when I'm in the shoals area (often) let me know. Also a group on FB alabama wakeboarding has a lot of find a 3rd be a 3rd going on.

BamaLurker 06-27-2013 1:26 AM

Where ya moving from?

chris_b 06-27-2013 4:20 PM

Thanks for the info. We are moving from Tennessee.

jwweathers 07-01-2013 5:04 AM

My brother and I moved to Huntsville not too long ago from MS. Haven't found many serious wake boarders around here. We mostly launch from ditto or the arsenal on Wheeler. Anyone interested in riding, let me know. We would love to find a good group to board with. We have an MC 205V and an MB F21. Both are great wake boats.


BamaLurker 07-08-2013 1:55 AM

Plenty of serious riders.
Text me if your serious 256 302 6456
Hope to here from sum new riders; Joe

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