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wiltok 08-26-2003 11:45 AM

My 2001 MC X-9 keeps frying Ignition Control Modules. The third one just <BR>died - the boat is at the MC dealer right now. Has anyone had this happen? <BR>My dealership is great - I'm sure they will find the problem eventually. They <BR>think it is a short - and will be tracing wires to see if they can find it. <BR>Anyone have an insight?? <BR>

wakeguru 08-26-2003 1:15 PM

No, but it happened within the first year on my '02 X5 and it didn't show as fowl in the shop's normal testing methods even though I was having trouble with idle and startup on a consistent basis. I had to call corporate to get some movement and finally had it changed out. It's been a good 6 months now and it hasn't done it again. <BR>What are the symptoms you're having?

wiltok 08-26-2003 3:05 PM

Pretty simple - engine stutters and dies. Will not re-start - have to get towed in. Last time - I had the dealership send me one - I put it in myself. Lasted less than an hour. Really sucks - I'm one of 6 X-9's no my lake - and I'm always getting towed.

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