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panda 06-17-2013 3:11 AM

Houston - Anyone with a spare Flexboard?
Hey guys,

I'm going to Houston TX for 8 weeks of courses before starting to work offshore. In that time I will hopefully be able to get a few days of riding at Wake Nation Houston. I plan to buy a set of new Slingshot Shredtowns at M2 when I'm there, but for a board it would be great if someone has a spare?

So, anyone out there with a spare flexboard of some sort? Can be like a LF FLX, LF Watson Hybrid, LF Deluxe, Slingshot of almost any kind or anything like it, just compatible to the shredtowns. If I could just borrow it, it would be great and I will of course buy the owner beers for it :-) If for sale, then I just need something that is so cheap I can either give it away after use, or sell easily :-) Actually same goes for an impact vest, if someone has a spare!

Hope somebody can help!

-Bendix from Denmark

skiboarder 06-17-2013 6:59 AM

If you buy your boots at M2, I'll sell you a 136 Humanoid Plank that I have for $75 USD. I'll even meet you at WN to hand it off.

It's made some laps, but is still totally sound. The board is indestructible and it has a real sintered base (the new ones don't).

panda 06-17-2013 7:46 AM

Hey Justin,

Sounds like a cool deal :) 136 is a bit small for my size, but if nothing else pops up, it will do just fine!
I have added you on Facebook, so we can talk in case.


backmobe5 06-17-2013 6:26 PM

I gotcha!
Hey dude! I have a complete 2013 Slingshot Recoil, and Shredtown boots setup for sale!

nickdakoolkat 06-17-2013 8:55 PM

What are u asking for the set up Chris?

panda 06-18-2013 12:22 AM

Chris that sounds interestering. What size are the boots?

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