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Pad1Tai 06-13-2013 5:24 PM

Clean 2160.......

newwhit 06-15-2013 2:33 PM

is it funny to anyone else that no one has commented?

I thought it was cool. I cant do it...

ragboy 06-15-2013 4:59 PM

I saw the title, clean 2160, and thought it was more of a joke or something. That is pretty cool. I love the end when he is bent over tired, great effort.

rcraighughes 06-17-2013 4:36 PM

thats sick. I wish I could do just a 360 that smooth every single time

Pad1Tai 06-17-2013 6:39 PM

Haha... I guess the term "2160" isn't a household name like a "9" or the infamous "1080"....

I'm working on my "7"...... lol

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