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dfowkes 06-13-2013 3:59 PM

Looking for first wakeboard boat
Hello all I'm looking to purchase my first wakeboard boat. I'm in Nor Cal. Just looking for some sound advice. I've looked at tons of boats online and have been considering a 1999 Air Nautique 417hrs very clean, factory ballast, perfect pass, with PCM 40 5.8 motor for $18,500 1998 Maristar VRS200 $19,000, 2001 Maristar VRS230 $22,500, 2000 Malibu Escape 23 LSV $23,900. My question is that I mostly want to wake board and surf can a DD with ballast like the Air Nautique make a good wake? Should I only consider V-drive for the added space? I would like to spend less than $22,000.

lifetimewarranty 06-13-2013 4:07 PM

If you can, do yourself a favor and get a v-drive. You will just want to upgrade later to one. 23' malibu LSV would be nice...without seeing pics or stats...Maybe they would take 22? I would imagine the 23 foot maristar would be nice...not sure of the wake though.

xstarrider 06-13-2013 8:52 PM

Since you want to surf I would opt out of the Air Nautique. ITs a D-drive with a great wakeboarding wake. but its gunwales/freeboard is really low compared to v drive boats which is huge when talking surfing. It sits very low to the water. Of the boats you have posted The VRS 230 and the 23LSV would be what i would consider. Both the Maristar 230 and 23LSV will throw a decent wakeboard wake. The downfall of both of those boats is they will require more than avergae ballast to get the wakeboard wakes pumping, on the flip side though both will surf pretty well. If you tow long distances a ton maybe not the best idea going the 23ft mark. The biggest thing you will have to decide is........ do you need the 23ft size, can you tow it, and is it worth the extra space.

The VRS200 is a decent boat IT rides more like a runabout as if I recall correctly it doesnt have any tracking fins. They were able to get away with this because of the deeper v design. I have never been behind one so I can't comment on the wake for boarding, but most of the best surf boats over the years have had very deep v designs. The trade off is the wakeboard wake can be finicky with side to side weight. This means people will have to move around a bit more the level out the boat side to side. PRetty decent article here on the 200VRS. http://waterskimag.com/ski-boats/200...istar-200-vrs/

If you can take them for drive. You will know instantly which one fits your needs.

Cencal 06-13-2013 10:52 PM

if it's that red and white nautique on craigslist Id get that it's really clean. I almost picked it up but went for an 02 calabria instead. I literally flip a coin I just could not decide. Good luck let us know what you went with. The guys are right though vdrive is the way to go.

dfowkes 06-14-2013 3:42 PM

It is the one on CL it is very clean but how much of a compromise would it be to try to wake surf and skate behind?

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