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Ronix1andahalf 06-13-2013 9:59 AM

Curious about the how the Phoenix performs behind boat
So I've been riding this years Phoenix project on cable for some time now and I absolutely love it. It's fast, subservient, and seems like it can handle everything. But, I'm curious about its performance on wake. Erik Ruck talks about the Phoenix having stored energy while reading towards the wake and it providing a solid late pop, but being the first board I've ever heard someone talk about "stored energy" with, I'm somewhat skeptical. I HOPE he's right, because then I wouldn't ever have to deal with the likes of a three stage or hybrid board for nice pop anymore. Does anyone have any experience riding the Phoenix behind a boat or know anything from friends? Thanks

Jmaxymek 06-15-2013 7:34 PM

It rides pretty smooth, soft landings and moderately fast. Make sure you throw the fins on though. You have one already, the best way to see how it performs behind the boat is to go out and ride!

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