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countryguy1717 06-12-2013 4:32 PM

polyurethan on swim deck?
Anyone tried brushing it on? I got some bhaer texture to add to it (like really fine sand for grip) I'm assuming you can't put real oil on first since it doesn't dry. My board is white and dry but I'm hesitant to put real oil on. I've heard it can track into the boat.


jbird 06-12-2013 4:47 PM

Teak Oil!

rallyart 06-12-2013 4:57 PM

Never Urethane. You will slip everywhere or you have grit and scrapes. If it's colored you may as well use plywood under it and sell that beautiful wood.
Teak Oil! or Tung Oil. If you do it right you will get no marks in your boat. If you do it a little wrong you will get no marks in your boat.

rznhales 06-12-2013 5:41 PM

When I bought my VLX last year the PO had poly'd it. What a pain in the A$$. Was chipping and cracked everywhere, I had to sand with 60 grit forever to get down to fresh wood (no pun intended).

Do yourself a favor and just sand it down, pressure wash it and use a good teak oil.

countryguy1717 06-12-2013 5:49 PM

Glad I asked before I self destructed the world :) what is the proper way to do it. Or almost proper way to do it so that I don't get any tracked into the boat? This is the stuff the PO gave me.

Sand with 220 grit then just spray the oil on?

jbird 06-12-2013 6:05 PM

Just use a small rag or kitchen towell! Let each application soak in, and repeat! Mine was very dry too...I've used one of those bottles each of the past two seasons!

countryguy1717 06-12-2013 6:08 PM


Originally Posted by jbird (Post 1827587)
Just use a small rag or kitchen towell! Let each application soak in, and repeat! Mine was very dry too...I've used one of those bottles each of the past two seasons!

Thanks jbird. Using that method have you ever noticed oil tracked into your carpet? Just a few coats?

westsidarider 06-12-2013 6:34 PM

That wood will soak up the oil real quick. Back in the day we used to use tranny fluid as its cheaper and the boat was used a ton. We would put it on at night and launch the next morning. Never had any oil track it's way into the boat

tonyv420 06-13-2013 8:53 PM

sand with 80 grit, I did mine with 120 and it turned out way to slippery. The teak needs to be rough sanded or it will always be slippery, oiled or not

bass10after 06-13-2013 9:36 PM

^^ second that. I did 60 grit and its been great. You're not creating furniture, this needs to be a non slip platform. I've had people slip on a previous deck that was too slick including myself. It hurts and can ruin a day in a hurry.

wakebordr11 06-13-2013 9:49 PM

Use teak cleaner... I find sanding will eventually lead to exposed screws... which isn't good for boards. If you keep algae off it, it won't be slick...

I have sanded and pressure washed before... Neither is great for it I don't think. Now I just oil the heck out of it, let it soak up. When I finally see that it hasn't soaked in in about an hour, I wipe the excess off, let it dry overnight and good to go. I've gotten some on the cover before but it hasn't hurt anything. Never seen it on the carpet, white seats, or wakeboard boots. Have felt it on my feet but haven't seen it anywhere... so don't worry about tracking it. Just wipe the excess off after it has soaked in thoroughly and you will be good to go! If it is dry, you might use close to half that amount of oil. Let her eat!

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