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badluck 06-11-2013 7:49 AM

Knee brace recommendations
What knee brace are you guys wearing and why?

slipknot 06-11-2013 7:57 AM

custom CTIs,. two hyper-extensions, preventive maintenance. Highly recommend them if you can afford them. Run about 1100 each unless you can get insurance to spring for them. And that 1100 was 3 years ago. Good luck with you knee issues.

badluck 06-11-2013 10:23 AM

Can these be worn in the water?

slipknot 06-11-2013 10:33 AM

yes but of course :D

badluck 06-11-2013 11:19 AM

I wonder how I would get my insurance to pay for it?

eternalshadow 06-11-2013 11:53 AM

Why are you looking to wear braces?

After ACL reconstruction I was prescribed a brace by my physician. For most insurance companies to cover the cost up to what your policy covers will require a prescription from your physician.

bbr 06-11-2013 11:57 AM

CTI's are really the only choice as far as I'm concerned. They are extremely comfortable, they don't slide down your leg when you're riding, and their customer service is second to none. Getting a prescription will be the best way to get them, unless you want to shell out the coin for them. I highly recommend the Vapor Custom. They're just plain awesome!

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badluck 06-11-2013 12:03 PM

Acl and tibia fracture18 yrs ago,ruptured bursa 1 year ago and i think a pcl tear ladt night.mri tomorrow.I still want to ski,board,run,and play.knee braces might be a good idea.ac seperation and slap tear in shoulder 4 months ago.Now my knee again. Freakin kiddin me.

silvermustang35 06-11-2013 12:13 PM

CTI Custom as well here. Had it 2 years. Torn Meniscus twice. Surgery once. Got the brace, ride with it every time, knee feels like its to 100 percent again. Cost 2500, insurance paid all but 250. Doctor wrote prescription and place I went to was super cool and let me use an off the shelf till mine came in.

liquidmx 06-11-2013 2:25 PM

Cti knee brace owner here and I swear by them. I use the vapor for wake and the pro sport custom for hockey and rock climbing. Get the ams straps for water use and you should be rock solid. To get them i believe you generally need a prescription by your doctor. Insurance will cover some or all f the cost depending on your coverage. My insurance covered the bulk of mine under their durable equipment coverage.

superair502 06-11-2013 11:22 PM

I am using the pod mx braces. If you can't get custom cti braces the pod braces are top shelf. When I met harf before he got hooked up with cti he was wearing them and loving them so I tried them and have been stoked on them.

southcoaststeve 06-12-2013 4:21 AM

I use the Asterisk Cyto Cell, really good brace at a reasonable price. sizes are a little odd so I recommend trying them on before buying.

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