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bboozer 06-10-2013 6:38 PM

Hyperlite warranty top notch
I just wanted to put a post out here about Hyperlite's warranty department , and specifically Jesse. Over the years I have always ridden HO and Hyperlite equipment, and they have always been more than fair on warranty issues. Way back in the day when I was a kneeboarder and before the advent of wakeboarding they really hooked me up when I pulled the footman loops out on my kneeboard. And, in the last few years I have had a few small issues that were taken care of very promptly. But, in this day and age of corporate cutbacks and tightened budgets , I can understand why some claims are denied and service is lessened. For me, they have gone far and above what I consider fair. I mean as far as to be on the chat boards here and send me a PM with information as to how to fix th. e edge on my board, (hell, Jesse told me if I sent it back to him, that they would repair it and send it back at their expense) who does that this day and age? I just took his adv use and ordered the products to fix it myself...... I couldn't even believe that ....I know that there are some people that will try and take advantage of the system to get new gear each year without having to pay for it....But, that just makes the new gear just cost that much more for the rest of us...

I guess after my big old Ramble .... I just want to give Jesse a big thanks ....and let anyone who rides Hyperlite and has a legitimate issue to get in touch with Jesse through Hyperlite warranty and I am sure that he will do his best to help you out..

countryguy1717 06-20-2013 6:50 PM

I'll second that also specifically Jesse. I only ride hyperlite wakeboards and wakesurf. got two of each (beginner) but they're awesome. I recently bought a hyperlite wakeskate from eBay and lost a fin and he sent me two new fin replacements. You can't beat that kind of service.

wake26 06-21-2013 6:14 AM

Have to agree Jesse is the man. Great guy great company.

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