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brownman 06-07-2013 5:37 PM

Audio question
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I'll come right out and say I know nothing about electronics. But I do know this...this thing, what I think is a power distributor used to light up and show me my amps, and blue led's would let me know if my fuses were good. It's now completely dark with no readings or indicators. My system still works, but I don't know whats not working because of this. I have two amps running two 10" subs, 4'kickers and two bullets on the tower. Any thoughts? Is this a big deal?

brownman 06-07-2013 6:36 PM

Actually, this may be a capacitor? Hell, I don't know....

Midnightv10 06-08-2013 9:09 PM

That is a power distribution block. The big wire coming in is from your battery or battery switch and the smaller lines going out are to your amps.
The volt meter may not be working for a couple reasons. It may simply be burned or shorted out or you may have a loose ground wire. In the picture there is a small black wire running from the power block over to the ground distribution block right next to it. Check that the connections on both end of that wire are tight.
Either way, it should not have and effect on your system. The display only tells you the voltage of your batteries...

brownman 06-09-2013 7:49 PM

Thanks Russ. I was mainly concerned if it had an impact on my electrical system. Like causing an overload or draining the batteries if left unchecked. Ill get it replaced first chance I get. I appreciate the follow up.

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