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stang7tl 06-07-2013 6:21 PM

another ballast JOB DOH
I am doing a johnson and a simer pump in my 74 CC I did my I/O with simers so I got the gist of it but looking for second opinion to confirm

I have a 3/4" drain plug hole in mid boat I could plum into
but did buy a 1.5 thru hull

so question 1 for those 2 pumps to be feed water will the 3/4 do or should I just man up and drill another LOL

My johnson pump is Ignition Protected but I am mounting both up front in closed bow
Now I plan on running the feed lines through the floor using one of my vent channels. I have 2 scoops on bow I will WYE the 2 4"vinyl hoses to the other channel so i still get all flow use of both scoops.
I believe this will be fine?

NOW man question I want to run my rear supply line by using 3/4" PVC on the under belly of the deck. I dont have any other way to hide it b/c the boat has no gunnel storage at the bottom.
So im sure it will pump fine and I believe that it will reverse well do to self priming but asking if anyone knows for fact?

I dont want to split pumps front and back b/c of running long wire length and if I run the supply line back through the bilge I will need to cut a hole in the back and I really have no room

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