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06-07-2013 12:44 AM

Manifold Riser Gasket Question: Urgent!
BOAT: 2001 Tige 2100v, Mercruiser 350 Mpi, efi, Non-closed cooling. Used in salt water.

I was just working on the boat today, installing my new manifolds and realized I now have the restricted riser gaskets that were included with the kit. My old ones were open-style. I did some research and found out Mercruiser changed some of their stuff in 2001, when my boat was made. I have the Mercruiser 350, raw water cooled engine.


I find their description to be very confusing. Right now, the raw water goes into the thermostat housing and it then distributed to the block, the manifolds and to the water pump. This is all before the water even gets to the thermostat. Going from this new Info, It seems like I should have the restricted gaskets, However the OE was open. I already have the restricted ones installed (haven't started the boat yet). Can some one clear this up for me? I would normally just get the OE but I already have the restricted ones, and it seams like mercruiser changed it also.

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