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MJBoater 06-05-2013 9:48 AM

polk mm651UM JL M650 Wet Sounds XS-650
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Have a 2013 Cypress Cay Pontoon Can ski wake board, ski off the back etc.. off the back.
The 300 HP engine is very quiet but you have wind and water noise.

Looking to redo the 2 rear firing speakers as shown on the photos. Want to be able to hear the music without adding tower pods. (just basically replace the speakers shown on the rear).
The 3 I have heard a lot about:

Polk MM651UM 4 ohm
Polk MM651 (removable grill) 2.7 ohm
JL M650 (not sure if grill is removable) 4 ohm
Wet Sounds XS-650 4 ohm

I want to run these at 150 RMS for about 3 hours at a time. Any recommendations on which speakers and which amps match up well to these. Only looking at 1 pair of speakers right now and 1 amp.

Note on grills: I also can get stainless steel grills that match the rest of the inside the boat that allow the tweeter section to come thru (See attachment 4 which I can put on the back). I don't think the Polk MM651UM allows removal of the grill but the Polk MM651 does allow grill removing I don't have to use the factory grills. I can also just use the grills that are attached to the speaker although the JL grills on the back of this boat I think would look pretty ugly.

Any input greatly appreciated
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xstarrider 06-05-2013 11:08 AM

The search tab is your friend here. This exact question has been asked numerous occasions. I will give quick highlight of my opinion owning the um's and xs650's and spending time in several boats with the JL 6.5's. I can't comment on the non um version. I have no experience.

The Wetsounds I feel will project the farthest for your application of those 3. I feel the JL gives you a much more well rounded sound than the XS650 in my opinion. They are a very smooth well rounded speaker. Imo one of the best. Where I notice the XS 650 excels in my application tho is pure volume and they have a crisp, bit higher sound to them. Some may like that some may not, but there is no doubt the 650 in pure volume beats the jlx650 in my boat off identical amps. The UM's were also smooth. They kind of fall in between. They are not as sharp or crisp as the XS650 but not as smooth as the JL. They produced a bit more highs than the JL and they sounded a bit louder. Volume wise w JL very close and negligible.

I know you asked specifically for these 3 but I think there may be a different speaker in the line from Wetsounds that may push sound out that way so I will let the experts handle that, but of the 3 if pure volume is your priority the xs 650 wins

MJBoater 06-05-2013 11:33 AM

I want a lot of volume but we also will be floating in the water in back of the boat (party cove) as well so sound quality is a concern. I don't want the tweeters to be "too bright". Inside the boat are 6 Alpine SPS-m600 speakers (with a Alpine PDX-5M amp driving them) which sound clear but are just not pushing a huge amount of volume. How much bass am I going to get out of these 3 (or possibly 4) choices?

Also, which brand and model of amp have you found best mates with these speakers?

MJBoater 06-06-2013 1:23 PM

Any other recommendations for speakers or amps for any of these?

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