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zap 06-05-2013 7:07 AM

Enzo 230+ port side set up
What is the "go to" standard for a port side set up on the 230+ with the quick fill?

How importaint is bow weight?

I am going to customize my system, and I only want to do it once.

Thanks everyone

dreamer 06-05-2013 7:19 AM

I have an 07 SV230 and I'm assuming your hull is the same as mine. My port locker and under the port side seat is filled to the max (1800# enzo sac). I also have a 400# sac under the seat behind the driver (I get around 350#'s in it). No weight in the bow. Wake plate around 25% to knock down the wash from my FAE and ride at 11 mph. The wave is even better at 11.5 but harder for us to do tricks.

What prop do you have? Does your boat have a bubble over the prop so you can run a larger diameter?

CarZin 06-05-2013 9:58 AM

You should really post this at Centurioncrew.com

I know our boats differ significantly, but I have an SV233, and this is what I just found works on my starboard side (I have a right rotation).

Fill quick fill on both sides. Fill your Rear Compartment on the surf side all the way. If you have bags under the seat, fill them up all the way on your surf side. Then add a 750 pound bag on the floor, running parallel along the seating area on the surf side. If you have people, great. If you don't add another 400 on the seat. Makes a beautiful wave. No need for wake plate (all the way up) and speed around 10.5

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