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crzyazn 08-25-2003 9:07 PM

I am looking to upgrade my stereo from XMD1 to the new XMD3, so I can connect a MP3 player. <BR>Is this a easy swap out? Are the connections the same? <BR>Appreciate any help <BR>Thanks

aka Bradley Beach 08-27-2003 6:59 AM

Connections are the same. Swap away!

crzyazn 08-27-2003 8:02 AM

Thank you

patrick_adams 08-27-2003 10:47 AM

Where did you see that the XMD1 can accept MP3 players. Let me know. <BR> <BR>Thanks

crzyazn 08-27-2003 2:52 PM

My understanding is theXMD1 cannot accept MP3 players. I want to upgrade to the XMD3 which has an AUX port for MP3 players.

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