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iShredSAN 06-04-2013 3:38 PM

Trinity or Brazos River (TX) vacation rental help
Hey everyone, I am looking to take a vacation later in the summer and would like to know any recommendations on a waterfront house/cabin/etc vacation rental. I would prefer either the Trinity or Brazos river because of the always great water conditions but am open to any other great riding spots. I do know of Bethy Creek and have heard nothing but great things, but I believe they offer more motel style rooms (sleep 4) and I would like something that could sleep more, has a kitchen and possibly a backyard. I am located in Austin so don't really want anything over a 4 hour drive. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

T_A 06-04-2013 5:30 PM

check out Indian Lodge Resort North of Lake Whitney on the Brazos. They are right on the river and offer, cabins, motel rooms, and they even have a house called the Rio Casa thats really nice. We usually go there for holidays up here.

rdlangston13 06-04-2013 5:39 PM

I ride the Trinity almost exclusively but have never been on the Brazos. From what I hear from friends of mine that have been to both places they say that the Trinity is wider, deeper, and has long runs. Bethy Creek is hotel style with 2 queen beds but they DO have kitchen and you can get two rooms with a interior connecting door that you can open to make it all connected.

snork 06-04-2013 7:58 PM

Brazos is 10 feet low IMO not worth the drive from Austin plus not much to rent on the water

FunkyBunch 06-05-2013 7:25 AM

Check out Lake LBJ near you. There a bunch of rentals with docks around Kingsland. You'll want to be up in one of the river channels to ride.

FunkyBunch 06-05-2013 8:21 AM

Some examples that I have seen outside of what was mentioned above. The lakes on the Guadalupe are fairly small not as busy with the exception of McQueeny. The site that links send you to should help you find just about anything your looking for.

Lake McQueeny in Seguin

Lake Dunlap NB

Lake LBJ

Pad1Tai 06-05-2013 9:43 AM

Kimball (Brazos) is pretty low.. I think your best bet is the T or SBR.. perfect conditions.. less gators on the SBR.. LBJ just plain suxs when we were there.. seawall lake and that river section is seawalled, houses and not that long of a run.. I stay on Lake Conroe for the party and tow to the T for the day (45 minute tow) to ride.

behindtheboat 06-05-2013 10:51 AM

Go rent a cabin at BSR. One of the best things any rider could do.

FastR3DN3K 06-05-2013 4:14 PM

Go ahead and make the drive up to Arkansas and go to Lake Hamilton. We rented a 3BR/3BA cabin up there that will sleep 8 for $725 total for 3 nights. It's a lakefront house, with an outdoor kitchen, and a covered boat dock included in the price. And we got lucky and found one without the stupid high deposit that most of them make you put down. Plus Lake Hamilton has tons of coves to find good water to ride, and if you want a bigger lake, Lake Ouachita us just a couple minutes up the road and is the largest lake in the state at over 40,000 acres.

iShredSAN 07-02-2013 3:47 PM

Thanks everyone for the responses. Unfortunately the Brazos is way to low and Bethy Creek is pretty much booked up through the rest of the summer. For those of you who ride the Trinity often, can you provide insight on Outback Campground and Marina (link below). It appears they are located on the north end of Livingston where the Trinity starts. Is this area of the river ridable, etc. Thanks!


CHern5972 07-11-2013 7:35 PM

Call and talk to Bethy creek. They have camp grounds as well

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