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buffalow 06-03-2013 9:27 AM

Calabria ProV 24 - Perfect pass help
Hey WW's - need some help. Have a buddy that has one and we have been trying to dial it in. We have been running stock ballast and stock trim plate and really struggling with the speed. We know we can add a bunch more weight, but want to dial this in first.

If we are towing the kids or a less experienced rider that does not pull much, it is fine. As soon as we pull someone that can tug on it a bit, the boat goes nuts. He has the PP (wakeboard pro 6.5n) set to Wakeboard and KDW to 275 and NN to 95, which seems to be on the high side from what I have read. We set the speed for 24. When the rider pulls out, the boat will go down to 21 or so and than ramp all the way to 27 or so and than the same and you cut in. This process is very slow so basically the boat starts accelerating a few feet before you hit the wake which makes it very awkward. I am sure this somehow relates to the PP, but we have tried a bunch of settings and not figured it out.

We need to try run off RPM next, but I have read mixed results on that.

Any input you have would be awesome.

Greeko 06-04-2013 3:32 PM

kdw is your general gain, nn is your integration time.

I would set it to factory default initially...

The boat controller is oscilating..this is a normal control system scenario when the gain and/or integral are too high...Because you have a high load and once you get on plane the boat controller is spooled up..it keeps on going..this can be caused by too high of a NN value... But it seems like your kdw value needs to be dialed down.

WHen you have a higher load the error is amplified. This is why the PP has different modes..Set one mode with kdw and nn for everyday riders and one mode for your heavier/faster riders.

Contact PP, they are super helpful!

Good luck

buffalow 06-06-2013 8:14 AM

Thanx - It seems less about the internal load in the boat and more about towing someone. When we have someone that can pull the boat like a better than average wakeboarder it is a 6 mph swing. We are going to try RPM mode next. I was reading on PP site and see there are some troubleshooting guides for checking the throttle cables/servo and such, going to check it out. Since this is a factory installed system I am guessing the paddlewheel is installed in the correct location, but will check that next

wake26 06-06-2013 9:22 AM

I have a Calabria team V that I fought the PP on for 2 years. I had the same problem as you were having. I will check my settings tonight and see what I have them set at but I think you have them set to high. I have mine set pretty low I always thought that you needed to go up with the settings to have the PP adjust quicker to the speed drop but going high with the settings made the problem worse. I also upgraded to the stargazer on my boat, to me that was a big improvement. The last thing I did was move the PP motor off the engine and mounted it on the port side locker wall. This took all the bends out of the cable and had the most noticable difference in how the PP preformed.

buffalow 06-06-2013 10:32 AM

Jarod - That's awesome. I would love to know where you ended up on settings. I have been on alot of boats in 20 years and never seen one do this. In reading about it, seems like higher numbers were better but maybe not.

If you look tonight of the relocated motor, could you snap a photo?

wake26 06-07-2013 7:17 AM

2 Attachment(s)
Here is how I mounted the PP motor.

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