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popwar4207 06-02-2013 6:17 PM

Amplifier for Wet Sounds Pro 60's
I bought a pair of Wet Sounds Pro 60's and I'm looking to find an amp for them that will let me hear then while riding. This has probably been posted before but I searched and didn't find too much information. I'm not worried about what brand of amp I simply want to find one powerful enough to have the speakers performing how I have heard Wet Sounds do! Thanks guys

bryce2320 06-02-2013 6:23 PM

I ran a Kicker ZX450.2 on my old pro 60s and they would scream. I used it for 5 or 6 weekends before I bought Rev 10s. Its sitting in the garage in great condition. If your interested in it shoot me an offer. It would be perfect on them, but wouldnt leave you any headroom since at 4 ohms the amp puts out 150 watts RMS, which is what the Pro 60s call for. Ideally you'd probably want 175-225 watts RMS to each one I would think.

popwar4207 06-02-2013 6:43 PM

With that setup you had no problem hearing then at 75 feet?

bryce2320 06-02-2013 6:47 PM

You can hear them, but it isnt ridiculous loud like my 4 Rev 10s getting 400 watts RMS each :D

chpthril 06-02-2013 7:06 PM

With just a single pair 6.5" HLCDs, I would look to drive them with an honest 200-250W rms. An economical option would be to run a 4 chnl in 2 chnl mode.

nitrousbird 06-03-2013 3:28 AM


No better bang for the buck out there. Bridge it @ 2-channels and you will be set.

popwar4207 06-03-2013 6:31 AM

With that amp in 2 channel mode it has 450W rms and the Pro 60's call for 150rms and 300 peak. Will this amp run the risk of blowing these speakers up?

nitrousbird 06-03-2013 7:09 AM


Originally Posted by popwar4207 (Post 1825230)
With that amp in 2 channel mode it has 450W rms and the Pro 60's call for 150rms and 300 peak. Will this amp run the risk of blowing these speakers up?

Turn the amp down...better to have too much power than not enough.

Plus look at the 12V rating (which is more of what the speakers will see when floating). 300x2.

If you just want a less powerful amp, here is the 2-channel version for $140:

popwar4207 06-03-2013 7:52 AM

How does one turn the amp down? Hmmm I like the idea of having more than enough power.

xstarrider 06-03-2013 8:00 AM

Those will want 200 rms at them. I ran my 60's with that kicker zx 450.2 as well. Sounded great can hear the music while riding. I did up my amp to a Syn 2 which had little more wattage being 200 rms per channel. I did notice a slight difference, but can't be for certain it wasn't because of the up in quality of the amp as I bought it for my upgrade to the pro 80's before I bought my pro 80's so was able to run it on my 60's for a bit. The 60's were Not as clear as my 80's, or my rev 8's, but the 80's/rev 8's have more output and a larger cone so it's to be expected.

I wouldn't run that 900.4 ppi. Amp on the 60's. Unless you are a great stereo tuner with a great ear. If you have that set wrong or push it too much it will fry those 60's in a heartbeat. You really won't benefit from anything higher than 200watts. The size of the speaker is really the limit here. Try and mount them as far to the edge of your tower as u can. If you have the swivel option angle them to the edge of the wake. You will gain some sound because u spend more than half the time outside the direct line behind the boat. The 60's won't blow you away sound wise but you can hear the music clearly.

david_e_m 06-03-2013 9:10 AM

Forget 'peak' power as there is no way to qualify that. The Pro60s are rated at 150 watts rms. They will handle an honest 200 watts rms if tuned correctly. You might expand that to 250 watts rms in consideration of the power drop from 14.4 to 12.5 volts but you have absolutely zero room for clipping/compression at that power level. As mentioned above, at the upper ceiling power level you better know what you are doing setting the system up. All it takes is an unknown music source that is a few dB hotter or a bit of EQ/tone boost and suddenly you are burning your speakers. Over-powering your speakers is more dangerous.

Earmark Marine

timmyb 06-03-2013 9:59 AM

I run my Pro 60's with the Kicker IX500.4 bridged so each speaker gets 250 watts rms and it works pretty awesome! Pro 60's are ok tower speakers and they seem to handle the 250w with no issues. I have the gain set at about 1/3 and that seems to work pretty well as far as distortion and clipping.

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