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TheAdversary 06-01-2013 9:03 AM

Greetings everyone. Questions from a kiter taking up cable/wake
How's it going? I've been kiting for a few years and recently I've been placed within a manageable distance to a cable park but I'd prefer not to trash my kiteboard there. So I'm looking for a board that will be used for mostly cable and winch with some possible occasions behind the boat.

I've used the search function to the best of my ability and while there's been some success, I'm still having some issues dialing in the board to suit my needs and size. I'm 6'2, 200-215lbs, and here's what I've come up with: After going back and forth between the Phoenix Project S, the Schnook, the Hybrid Watson, and most of the Slingy boards, I've tentatively decided on the Schnook . I've read glorious things about it's performance at the park and have read several reviews where it was far better behind the boat than anticipated. Whether or not you think I'm on the right path is what I'd like to know so if you have a better recommendation, I'm all ears as I'm completely new to this and just looking to learn.

Also I need to know about size. Say I went with the Schnook...would I do the 141 or the 146?

Thanks everybody!

King12 06-01-2013 9:22 AM

sounds fine, i think either will work. I know a lot of people go a bit bigger for cable already so I say 146

Dustfarter 06-01-2013 11:11 AM

Go for the bigger board for sure. You made a good choice. Don't expect any "cable" boards to be all that great behind the boat though........
You're kite board would get trashed almost instantly at the cable so good choice there too.

The best thing about cable is that you're guaranteed to get it. No more being an amateur meteorologist and obsessively watching iKitesurf :)

TheAdversary 06-01-2013 5:08 PM

Yeah man I'm kinda tired of Mother Nature always standing me up on our dates!

Looks like the Schnook 146 is it. It's a bit on the ugly side but I haven't heard a bad thing about it yet.

Thanks fellas.

jason_ssr 06-04-2013 4:47 AM

Get a Tona kiteboard. Its a wakestyle kiteboard that is outstanding on the cable.

skiboarder 06-04-2013 6:31 AM

If you want a schnook, grab one fast. They are running out just about everywhere. M2 in Houston had one last time I was in there. I think the Texas Ski Ranch still has a few too.

I wrote a review of the board on M2's site.

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