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jaws 05-31-2013 6:55 AM

should i take the decals off my boat and tint the window
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.I am tossing around the idea of taking the SURF and SERIES decals off my boat and also tinting the front windshield. I was wondering if i do take the stickers off what should i use to take them off? How can i tell if the decals will leave an outline? if it does what type of process will i have to go through to make it match? As far as tinting the front windshield, any recommendations on what kind of tint i should look for and specify when looking for someone to do the job?

skiboarder 05-31-2013 6:59 AM

loose the decals. Almost all boats look better without them in my opinion, but do not tint the shield. You can always put sunglasses on, but on a low light or evening session I always find it annoying.

nitrousbird 05-31-2013 7:01 AM

I have the exact opposite of the above opinion. Leave the decals and tint the windshield.

h20king 05-31-2013 7:05 AM

loose the surf series stickers and go with a 35% tint it will not affect night use and will look great. Your boat is new so you should not have any shadows from sun fade. Use a hair dryer to heat the leading edge of the sticker and slowly peal them off. If there is some goo left behind you can clean it off with some IPA or some goof off. Once clean add a coat of wax and you are good to go

boardman74 05-31-2013 7:11 AM

I could see ditching the big "surf" and "series" decals. The boat looks pretty new so chances are they will come off really easy. I'd just try putting it in the sun, razor blade to one corner and peal. Sticky goo will most likely go with the decal with a little left you can clean up with windex. As to the shadowing thats tough to say until you get it off. Boat looks pretty glossy and not like you have any fading.

We had a 1990 36 foot Carver Cruiser we peeled original decals on 2 years ago. Had it professionally rubbed out and buffed and left a slight shadow. By mid summer that year you would never has know. So if there is slight shadow it will fade out.

Your white and black will look sweet tinted! IMO

simplej 05-31-2013 7:18 AM

Yes ditch the surf series decals and leave supreme... Go with a moderate tint if you tint

jaws 05-31-2013 8:06 AM

Thanks guys. I am thinking more towards removing the surf series decals. One main reason for the tint is to hopefully prevent the dash from getting damaged. i just had it replaced because it was bubbling up by the gauges in the corner. not much night driving with the supreme. We use our pontoon to cruse the lake.

david_e_m 05-31-2013 8:11 AM

All the concerns about impaired vision at dusk and dark are true if you go darker than 35%. Because you do not have a shaded roof as you would in a vehicle, you will have more light behind the film as you view it from the outside, so 20% on your boat will appear similar in darkness to 35% on a car.
That windshield has a compound curve so it is hard to do in the front corners. Make sure you find someone who is well-initiated on towboats.

Earmark Marine

DGREEN 05-31-2013 8:11 AM

Peel em ALL and tint er dark!

Dmac420sj 05-31-2013 8:13 AM

I'd leave the surf series and ditch the supreme

bcrider 05-31-2013 9:56 AM

I vote for lose the surf and keep the Supreme. I'd also lose the v226

05-31-2013 11:58 AM

I would remove ALL, They are really just Paid Advertisement by YOU. I didn't even notice the "series" sticker, That should be the first to go. If it were me, I would tint the windshield. If you never boat at night then no problem.

dhill 05-31-2013 12:34 PM

i've seen your boat and think it looks great as is. my vote, if changing anything would be to lose the surf and a very, very light tint.

tonyv420 05-31-2013 12:53 PM

peel em!

ryand121 06-01-2013 9:27 AM

If you do peel the stickers, use a heat gun for sure. Get them pretty warm and all the adhesive will come off with the vinyl. If there is some adhesive left, use denatured alcohol (usually available at any hardware store, Home Depot, or the like) and it will come right off. WD-40 works good also. As for the windshield, definitely have them pull the glass off the boat, just be careful with it. When I had my windshield tinted, I pulled all three sections off the boat, then took them apart at the tint shop so I could leave the glass in the frame while transporting. Plus it will be easier for the person tinting the glass and there will be no seams in the tint. Also, it's a great time to paint or powder coat the windshield frame black, if that's something you would be interested in. Hope this helps. Post up some pics once you're done.

Jmorlan 06-01-2013 9:52 AM

I say tint the windows definitely. Changes the look of the whole boat. I went 5% on my windshield after a few weeks of contemplating what % to go and what would be too dark. I will tell you I'm glad I went 5 and not a bit lighter.

Pad1Tai 06-01-2013 10:00 AM

Loose both the surf and supreme.. Then have a smaller radical "supreme" graphic made to fit where the surf was... seems to be the going trend..

BlazeSr 06-01-2013 11:15 PM

Loose supreme
30% tint

MCObray 06-02-2013 12:56 AM

Loose the decals, and tint the windshield. Either way, great looking boat!

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