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Riderite 05-29-2013 11:11 PM

Just Pulled The Triger - A22
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Never say you got a new boat until you have a pictures to prove it. Well here it is.!!

I decided to go in partners with my business partner. I know most people would say hell no to a partnership on a boat. But this was our thoughts. We go out most of the time with the same people so why not team up and split the bill, split gas, split repairs, split, split, split. All I hear there is savings for the both of us. Since there is two owners there will always be two people to help wipe it down and unload all the crap people leave behind when you get off the water, always a +.

2013 Axis A22
Pair of spinners racks
Z5 Cargo Bimini (on its way)
950 lb sack plumbed up front
750 lb sack plumbed in rear x 2
Stock Hard Tanks
4 Vector 8's Tower Speakers
12" JL Sub
Ark Audio Amps
Floating Wedge

I will post more details once I finish up some things I am doing myself.

I also posted a pic of the new Brigade Zulu Wake Surf I am waiting on.

This is going to be a great summer!!!

Riderite 05-29-2013 11:15 PM

And I will be back to make a shout out to guys from Boat Country.

boardman74 05-30-2013 5:02 AM

Nice looking Axis!!

chattwake 05-30-2013 7:23 AM

Love the all white. Do yourself a favor and get the frame of the z5 powdercoated black to match the tower. I had 2 A22's in a row, and I loved them. If you have any questions, or I can be of any help to you, feel free to pm me. I know those boats inside and out. There are little things that you should do right off the bat - like if you are going to run anything larger than the 400lb pnp bags in the rear, you need to reinforce the engine access panel tracks by screwing down something taller behind the tracks that the panels sit in, so when you fill your sacs and they bulge, they don't cause the panel to jump the track, press up against the motor, and collapse any hoses.

JayManAR 05-30-2013 7:26 AM

Nice! The all white looks really clean. I just did the break in service on my new A20 yesterday. I couldn't be happier with the boat. The wake is amazing.

chattwake 05-30-2013 7:29 AM

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Another thing to check right off the bat is make sure the bolts on the back sides of the cleats are really snug. I had an issue with those not being tight enough. You also want to keep an eye on the screws that hold the hinges on your big back sunpads. Over time, those can loosen up and allow the hatches to rub on the back of the vinyl covered cupholders behind the rear seatback. This can cause the vinyl to wear in that spot. Just keep an eye on those screws over the season and make sure your hatches do not rub against that cupholder area. If they already do, loosen up those screws and adjust those hatch covers accordingly.

Mounting your z5 can also be tricky. There are several ways to do it. I helped Axis figure out two different meathods for mounting the rack. The way I mounted my z5 allowed a bit more headroom for tower speakers. Here's a picture.

simplej 05-30-2013 7:33 AM

Congrats!!! Nothing like a new boat....

LYNRDSKYNRD 05-30-2013 4:07 PM

Congrats great looking A22

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Fiveflat 05-30-2013 7:09 PM

Boat Country is killin' it. Great people out there! Glad I live relatively close to them!

Nice boat too, I liked that boat a lot out there... Here's my A22 I got there last year:


Now get in touch with the good guys at domed numbers and get you some of these:

basuwilles 05-30-2013 11:44 PM

Your boat looks really beautiful!! :) :)

superair502 05-30-2013 11:45 PM

You will be happy throw the 15x12 acme prop on there and you will be able to run 5k lbs with the 335 and still hit like 38 mph. I saved so much gas switching from the 1235 prop and only lost like 3 mph. Crazy thing is my rpms didnt change wakeboarding most likely because the prop is biting more but they went up unweighted. With the weight setup you listed you may also want to consider a bow sack or the boat is going to be porpoising like a dolphin on bath salts. Enjoy

05-31-2013 2:04 AM


mmobius2001 06-01-2013 12:44 PM

if only that tower/windshield combo got re-designed i'd be obsessed

Riderite 06-04-2013 12:23 AM

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@chatwake. Thanks for the tips. Might have a couple other questions for you down the line.

@superair502. I had the 15x12 2315 prop put on before I picked it up.

The break in period has been fun and it will be going back to Boat Country for the break in service ASAP. It has already been to Bullards Bar, Camp Far, and Folsom and only had it a week. Can't wait to get all the extra little things finished up and to get the Z5. Until then here is a pic from Bullards Bar.

Riderite 06-04-2013 12:25 AM

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And one more from Camp Far..

downfortheride 06-04-2013 8:25 AM

Great looking boat! I ordered my boat with a lot of white and never thought twice about it. Congrats on having and using the new boat.

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