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cccbebad 05-26-2013 6:27 PM

First boat, now one year later!!
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Hey everyone, this time last year I purchased my SX195 Glastron for 4k. The motor and hull were in great shape besides needing some wet sanding, but the interior and floor was horrible as it sat for 5 years in the weather. Standard set up for a run about, open up front, two captain seats, and the rear bench seat. I decided when I did the interior I was going to take the left captain seat out and turn it into a bench like all the new wake board boats have.

The tower I was lucky enough to buy used off a wrecked boat, as well as the speakers all for $500. I have two amps and two 12's in the motor compartment. I am almost finished, next will be a swim platform for the girls to dance floor and I should be done! I just wanted to post some pics of my project as I am very happy with my final results and the small amount of money invested!

NickEspi 05-27-2013 1:16 AM

Wow, great job! I'd be interested in some finished interior pics.

cccbebad 05-27-2013 5:26 AM

Once I leave the fire department this morning I will take some pics of the interior. Thank you so much, hopefully you are enjoying this Memorial day like I will be once this shift is over!

NickEspi 05-27-2013 6:01 AM

Unfortunately I'm in Lebanon right now for work. Missing the big water day but I should be able to make up for it when I get back.

cccbebad 06-06-2013 2:14 PM

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Sorry took me so long to post pics of the interior. I have been busy with life... blahhh!!

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