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kronoss 05-26-2013 12:27 PM

26 hours PCM 303 Engine Beep and red exclamation light on dash
I have a 2012 Tige with the PCM 303 engine, today when I re-started the boat while on the water, it beeped a few times, and continued to beep while the engine was started. The red exclamation indicator mark on the dash was on.

After stopped and started, just beeped at first but then just the red exclamation mark was on with no more beeps. (unless i restart the engine). Orange check engine light is not on, just this red mark.

Is this some type of maintenance notification, or something wrong with the engine ? Engine runs fine, goes fast, not in safe mode.

dingleberry 05-26-2013 1:46 PM

From the PCM manual, it appears that could indicate low oil pressure, high engine, tranny, or manifold temps, or electronic throttle fault.


kronoss 06-04-2013 8:31 PM

Oil pressure good, V-drive & Engine temps are good, Oil level & color for both v-drive and engine perfect.

I am starting to think this has to be some kind of PCM 25 hour maintenance checkup, is there any way to reset it ? Does it use a regular car OBD II scanner port ?

SkySki 06-04-2013 9:44 PM

i had the same issue at 30 minutes. It turned out to be a bad alternator.

thedude 06-06-2013 10:00 AM

My buddy has the same boat and it does the same thing. He mentioned his dealer told him it had something to do with the Catalyst system and he shouldn't worry too much about it unless the other light on the dash comes on or it goes into limp mode.

SkySki 06-06-2013 4:29 PM

That dealer is full of it - check to see if your alternator gauge is over charging when you rev the engine. That is what mine was doing. Bad charging system and the light you are seeing is a dead giveaway - or it was for my boat. If it is new or under warranty, make the dealer fix it. Not "normal" and won't get better with time.

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