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wake1012 05-25-2013 1:17 AM

Low RPM at WOT, ACME 1235 Prop
Curious about what people think could be going on a feel something is wrong with the boat. My brother winter purchased a 2006 Session 22si with the 5.7 350 Mercuiser in it. Anyways first few times out we learned pretty quick that with any weight the boat struggled to get on plane. Ran great and everything so we decided to re-prop it. We went from the stock OJ 14x16 to ACME 1235. Anyways First time out it did seem to help the holeshot but not as much as I thought it would. We had 6 people in the boat and a 500 pound sac in the bow but with that much weight it could get on plane but if we filled the rear sacs or our center tank it still would struggle to get on plane, or not get on plane at all. The other big thing I noticed was with no ballast and 6 people the boat at WOT would only top out at about 30-32 mph and the rpm's would be at 3900 to 4000 which seems extremely low to me. This and also still poor hole shot with any weight is giving a read flag that something else could be wrong. Any ideas or is this normal?

chpthril 05-25-2013 4:54 AM

What was the WOT RPM and MPH unloaded with the OJ prop? Without this, theres no base line to determine if its a prop issue or engine problem. Also, what is the gear ratio?

mmandley 05-25-2013 11:01 AM

Have you done any maintenance on the boat?

Tune it up, plugs, wires, have you changed the fuel filter? Sounds to me the engine is starving for fuel and thus not making the power it should.

wake1012 05-25-2013 1:25 PM

If i remember correct top speed was about 36 I don't remember what the rpms where and I will have to check the gear ratio.

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