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superair502 05-24-2013 11:56 PM

polarity on wetsounds?
Just curious how can I check to make sure the positive and negative from the amp to my rev 410s are correct or does it even matter? Unfortunatley the factory wire that Axis uses on their boats isnt labeled pos or neg so I have no way to know. Or does it even matter? I know the battery trick but with the crossover supposedly it wont work.

chpthril 05-25-2013 4:01 AM

Yes, polarity matters. Also, speaker wire in itself, doesnt have a positive and negative, its just 2 wires that are identical. They only have polarity when hooked up. For this reason, there might be 2 different colors used if its basic primary wire, or if its traditional 2 conductor speaker wire, one of the conductors will have a tracer of some kind. This allows the installer to keep track of what he hooked to the POS and NEG at one end, when he gets to the other end. On the Wet Sounds Rev-410, the red wire is the POS and the black is the NEG.

Did the boat come from the factory with the amp and pair of 410's installed?

superair502 05-26-2013 3:36 AM

No it was installed myself. My point is that the wires are identical to one another so there is no way to distinguish which is coming off of the pos and which is coming off the neg on the amp short of pulling all wire out of the tower and re running it.

superair502 05-26-2013 3:39 AM

There is no tracer on the wire also

Luke 05-26-2013 5:09 AM

You can determine this easily using a multimeter. Disconnect both wires at the speaker and disconnect the positive speaker wire at the amp so they don't touch anything. Set the multimeter to test for continuity then touch the two probes from the multimeter together. You should get an led light up or a buzzer sound which tells you the circuit is complete.

Now connect one of the probes to the positive speaker wire at the amp side. Connect the other probe to one of the wires at the speaker end then try connecting it to the other wire at the speaker end. When you connect to one of the wires the light/buzzer should sound and when you connect to the other nothing should happen.

The wire that causes the light/buzzer to sound is the positive. Label or mark it some way (both ends) then reconnect positive to positive, negative to negative and your good to go.

simplej 05-26-2013 5:19 AM

I am NOT too happy with my wet sounds equipment right now...

pprior 05-26-2013 5:34 AM

^^ well that comment is kinda useless. Are we supposed to ask, "Please share, why are you upset" and then you tell us something that is actually of interest?

chpthril 05-26-2013 5:49 AM


Originally Posted by simplej (Post 1824226)
I am NOT too happy with my wet sounds equipment right now...

Based on the info in your thread, it sounds like an installation problem, not an equipment problem. $.02

david_e_m 05-26-2013 7:33 AM

The 1.5 volt battery test will work. The lowpass filter on the midbass driver will pass DC, just not the tweeter side. So just make sure both speakers pulse the same direction.
There is also an optional way to check with a multimeter that does not require a long extension. Leave all amplifier to harness wires connected. Make your checks at the top of the tower harness with the speakers disconnected. The amplifier should be Off. Per the endcap nomenclature, your particualr amplifier will bridge by using a Pos. from one channel and the Neg. from the other channel. Even though the polarity is reversed on these two, they are both separate L & R power. The other two unused + & - when bridging are actually common to one another. Once you find the commoned wires by a continuity check and you identify which is left and which is right, the amplifier nomenclature will identify the separate leads.

Earmark Marine

simplej 05-26-2013 1:30 PM


Originally Posted by pprior (Post 1824228)
^^ well that comment is kinda useless. Are we supposed to ask, "Please share, why are you upset" and then you tell us something that is actually of interest?

started a new thread instead. i have circumstantially dead SYN 6 as well :banghead:

jonyb 05-27-2013 8:07 AM

Another way is to go to the wires at the amp, disconnect them, then using a battery that's less than 12V, touch the speaker wires to each end of a battery. The speaker will make a small popping sound and the woofer will move. Don't do this any longer than a second. If the woofer moves outward, you've got the positive and negative correct. If it moved inward, you've got it backwards.

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