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polarbill 05-22-2013 7:42 AM

Fort Hood shooting victims struggle while defendant draws salary

What is worse? That the military victims not being taken care of or the military still paying the salary of the killer/shooter?

Any thoughts?

stephan 05-22-2013 7:50 AM

Yeah its pretty messed up that they classified it as a workplace shooting and not related to combat injuries. I understand why the defendant is getting paid, he has yet to be found guilty so he receives his pay. I wonder if when he is found guilty will the government be able to seize his assets (as they do with other terrorists) and perhaps distribute some of that $ to the victims?

polarbill 05-22-2013 7:54 AM

I don't know enough about the story but has he not been found guilty yet on a technicality or that the case just keeps getting delayed? Is there any doubt that he did it? Is the reason he hasn't been found guilty yet because he is pleading insanity or something? I don't really care if he is found to be mentally f'ed up. If he shot and killed those people he deserves to be executed with all those victims and families of victims watching.

stephan 05-22-2013 3:29 PM

I'm not 100% sure but I think the delays have to do with medical complications and I believe he went on a hunger strike or some crap.

you_da_man 05-26-2013 7:48 AM

My backyard is litterally Ft. Hood. Before I retired as a parole officer a few months ago I would have to go to the jail almost on a weekly basis for business where Nidal Hasan is being held. On more than one occassion I was using attorney visitation rooms when Nidal's attorney showed up at the jail. I was told to cut my visit short with my parolees because Nidal's attorney had "priority".

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