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Brent44 05-21-2013 10:32 AM

New Board
Beginner rider, Good size wake, (Sanger V230, over 3000 in ballest), 6'3" 200 looking for a good board. I think I have it narrowed down to 2 different boards.

1. Triple X Nitro
2. IS Blue Lake

Would like to hear you opinions, you'd think all the threads out there would help me and it has, but I haven't seen one comparing these two boards.

I want the best board I can get for a beginner to intermediate, but with price in mind. That's why I'm leaning toward the XXX, but I don't want to mess up and get a board only because it's cheaper.

Thanks for your help in advance.

cragrat 05-21-2013 3:11 PM

Brigade Bomber 21. More that just a beginner board!

Squid 05-22-2013 6:45 AM


there are many out there that will make you happy...

Email me and lets talk.


Chaos 05-22-2013 12:48 PM

Brent, in general the board comparisons found on this forum and most others are dubious at best. It does not surprise me that you haven't found comments comparing those two specific boards. Obviously the nitro will be your cheapest bet, but it is far from a good board in my opinion. The Blue Lake is way too much of a board for you. That is, once you learn to get up and ride, you will probably be looking for something a bit more nimble. Based on your assumptions, I would advise the nitro. It is a comparatively small investment that will be useful for others once you out grow it.

Brent44 05-22-2013 6:37 PM

Nick, Thanks so much for answering my question. What are 2 or 3 boards that you recommend? Like you said, I don't want to be looking for a new board in 3 weeks, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Any brand any price, not saying I want to pay top dollar, but I want a board I can use through at least until I buy a pro style board. I know I will never be pro, but one can hope at least I can use a board that I know it's my fault I can't do a certain maneuver.

WakeDirt 05-22-2013 8:23 PM

Are you dead set on surf? I think finding style is the first step, not the board$$$

Brent44 05-23-2013 6:34 AM

I thought I was dead set on surf, and I think eventually that's where I see myself. The more I read, well I just keep getting more confused. Thinking about a skim like the IS squirt might be a good route. You can surf it with a the fins in or skim without. Thoughts?

Chaos 05-23-2013 10:11 AM

Shred Stixx: The Ringer; Headband, and Airstream. All good models for what you want to do. The Airstream is very versatile and easy to learn on, the Ringer is again easy to learn on, and really easy to ride, and will allow you to progress through all the intermediate to advanced maneuvers pretty quickly.

IS: Sweet Spot; good all around board.


Shred Stixx: Ringer or Headband (4'8-4'10; custom sized, and set up for you and your riding ability)

TWP: F18. (4'8 to 4'10).

SC: Jetty (4'8 to 4'10).

None of these board will be very cheap, running from $599 to over $700 (for a custom).

As for skims, find a used skim, it is more about style, not just fins. Most skim boards do not allow the use of larger surf style fins; some do. Having a cheap used skim on the boat is always fun especially if you are teach any youth riders.

If you PM me, I can run down what I have in stock both new and used and there might be something that interests you.

tuneman 05-23-2013 1:06 PM

Brent, I have experience with a lot of these boards, because I sell'em and get to ride'em. You'll grow out of the Blue Lake very quickly, so skip that one. If you want to go the Triple X route, skip the Nitro and go to the Slayer. It's a bit more in price, but it's actually a lot easier to ride. The Nitro is tippy, side to side. I've taught beginners on both the Nitro and Slayer and they all learn faster on the Slayer and enjoy it more. With your weight, stick with a surf style board.

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