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Alex1978 05-21-2013 2:12 AM

Shorter or longer?
Hi, everybody!

Please, help to make a right desicion.

The board what I choose to buy (LF BOB Grind) has 137 and 141 size.
My weight is 175lbs (80kg).
137, I suppose, is little bit shorter for me, 141 - longer.

I ride: cable and boat; flat tricks, kickers, sliders, wake to wake tricks etc.

So, what size is more fit for me?

Best regards,

wakerider111 05-21-2013 2:16 AM

141 for the win.

cwb4me 05-21-2013 5:02 AM

x2 for the 141.

breakz77 05-21-2013 9:10 AM


Alex1978 05-22-2013 7:28 AM

Thanks, guys!
Unanimously :)

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